Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just before leaving

I had given her her last kiss, and was about to leave.

"Daddy," she whispered, "This is what I wrote."

I have no idea what she is talking about, but I watch and listen as she slowly starts to recite her writing.

"H....A......P......P.......B...P.B..P...B... no, word"

She keeps on, "B....(pause - her mouth moves, eyes staring off)....R.TH...d.d..D.....A.. Ms. Renee. Ms. Kim wrote Renee on the board. Renee is really hard Daddy." She continues, filled with awe, "It has three "E"s." Her eyes are huge.

"Yeah," I say with feigned enthusiasm, "'R', 'E', 'N', 'E', 'E'." I spell for her. I now realize that she is talking about a birthday card she wrote for her principal.

"Three "E"s," she repeats not having heard anything I said, "And," with complete consternation, "Where are they? I mean, there aren't any "E"s!"

Knowing how she would spell Renee, I say, "Yeah, I mean, there is an "R" (I make the rrrrr sound), an "N" and an "A" -- where are the "E"s?"

She is in complete agreement.

I give her a kiss on the head, and tell her she's amazing.

Leaving, I say, "Sweet dreams Tahlia."

"Sweet dreams, Daddy."

But I already have them.

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