Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who am I

I jumped in the car yesterday to go with Mommy, Tahlia and Asher for Asher's one year well checkup.

In case you're concerned, Asher is well.

But when I sat down in the car, Tahlia all of a sudden hollers "Dad!"

I'm not really sure when I went from being Daddy to Dad, but it seems that the transition has happened.

"Tahlia," I asked. "Who am I?"

"Dad." She says with a smile. Not really Dad, more like Daaaad.

"Who is she?" I point to Mommy.

"Mom." Again, more like Moohm

She smiles. I smile.


Asher has started making all kind of kissing noises, and he kisses everything. Everything.

He kisses the table cloth, other children, his sister, well, everything.

He even knows how to blow kisses.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A birthday

Today is Asher's birthday.

So what can a one year old Asher do?

When not put on the spot, he can take seventeen steps. For Daddy, he only takes nine. He can crawl much faster than he can walk, so two is the usual number of steps prior to plopping down on all fours to zoom across the floor.

When not walking, he wants to hold onto someone's hand -- usually Mommy's. He is in the one-hand-holding stage. But it must be constant.

He can say the beginning of various words such as:
"ba" = meaning: bread, bird, ok, pretty much anything that starts with a "b"
"bal" = balloon. Currently, the there are two still flying from Tahlia's birthday, but the rest are Asher's; as one can guess, a point of some contention.
"tr" = usually tree
"bubl" = bubbles -- this was a first today -- neither Mommy or I had heard it before.
"bl" = blanket -- this is the warm and fuzzy he takes to bed with him each night. Don't tell Tahlia -- it was actually a gift for her that she didn't latch onto. It is Asher's prized possession.
"boh" = ball
"poh" = pop -- like you do to balloons, or when Daddy makes his head pop after sticking his fingers in his ears.

He is still the happy little guy that he has always been. Soon, we will test milk out on him. He still does not sleep through the night, and that will be addressed soon -- when soon is is still being debated.

As was with Tahlia at this age, Daddy's spaghetti sauce is the favorite meal. Although Baby Mum-mums are a close second.

He can climb on most anything -- including Tahlia's bed which usually receives a laugh from Tah. He likes to stand on her bed and hold onto the end and gyrate back and forth.

He enjoys putting things into stuff and taking things out.

He loves his sister, and she loves him.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nap time

If you were to read a book to a dog, what content would you choose.

Really, the answer is simple. But I'll get to that.

As many know, between three and four, children drop naps all together. Tahlia has never been a strong napper, so, Mommy and I have realized that this nap drop may come earlier rather than later. But we're not happy with it, and have decided to hold onto the one nap that we have come to cherish. So how do you make a three year old nap, when she states, "I'm not tired"?

We fell upon an idea. Maybe the nap wasn't as important as quiet time. So, during a weekend, this weekend as a matter of fact, we decided that I would implement a new wave of nap -- quiet time. After three days of Tahlia screaming and waking up Asher, as well as making Mommy run a marathon up and down the stairs for various reasons including, but not limited to: needing a drink, pee pee in the potty, blanket fixing, needing to lie on the other side; we decided that something needed to change. The change was that, as I was putting Tahlia down, I explained that Mommy and I were going to take an nap, and in the mean time:

1. Mommy and I wouldn't be coming back until her music was over (about an hour)
2. She could get out of her bed if she wanted.
3. She needed to be quiet.

Mommy didn't think it would work.

Can you keep a secret? I was unsure that it would work.

But, I left her room, and hoped.

Mommy was already in bed when I climbed in. We listened. Nothing came over the monitor, but, with in seconds of me leaving, we could hear the pitter-patter of little feet out of bed.

We waited in anticipation of a call, a cry, a plea for company.

But we heard nothing.

Soon, we fell asleep.

Soon, we woke to Asher waking.

Tahlia's room was quiet.

We wondered what was going on in there, but, apparently, she was sleeping.

We went and picked up Asher and went downstairs to wait. After a miraculous hour and a half, she cried out for Daddy.

I ran upstairs to find her on her bed. Surrounding her were a plethora of books and stuffed animals. The reason for her crying? She needed to go pee-pee in the potty. I picked her up and asked, "Tahlia, were you reading books?"

"No Daddy," she stated. "I was reading books to Dog-Dog."

"Oh really, and then you just fell asleep?"

"Yeah. I was reading doggy books to Dog-Dog."

And I looked on the bed. I'm not really sure how she found any room to sleep, but, closest to the tiny empty spot where a three year old body could have been curled, were a book about a little white dog named Tucker, and the Hairy McClary book. Apparently, she fell asleep reading to Dog-Dog.

Apparently, you read books about dogs to dogs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sickness invades

Tahlia is sick - gook in eye, red eye, cough, runny nose sick. It really isn't any fun. She calls at night at doesn't want us to leave.

She is now three and a big girl. Her birthday week was good, winding up when she was sick at the end. During her party, she was a trooper and gave it her all.

Asher is growing and growing. Last week, he took a step. Today, he took two steps in a row twice -- pretty exciting.

I'm sick, and I'm tired. Mommy is the most amazing Mommy in the world. She is the rock of the family. She is the binding.