Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Did you know?

Hey all,

Did you know that in 10 short days, Daddy will be taking care of me?

Did you know that yesterday, I was walking around the house and I picked up a can of tomatoes. As I carried it around, I started saying "Omatoes" without any prompting from Mommy or Daddy?

Did you know that last Thursday, after three days of Daddy leaving the house to bike to work, while playing with Mommy during the day, I would turn to the door and say "Dadda," and wave, then say "Bie" which everyone knows means bike?

Did you know that last week, I started asking people to draw certain things for me like "Dogh" or "Ca" or "Duh" (duck)? Also, sometimes I see pictures of things that I know are in the house, and I go and find them and point to them. One example would be when I saw an "ahple" (apple) drawn in the place where I make lines and squiggles, and I said "ahple" then went into the kitchen and pointed at the apples that are in a basket and told Mommy "ahple."

Did you know that I can put a hat on by myself, and afterward, I feel pretty proud?

Did you know that I am the one who feeds me?

Did you know that when Mommy or Daddy reads "Moo Baa La La La" to me, they just say, "A cow says," and I say "MOHHH"? Then they say, "A sheep says," and I say, "BOUHHH."

Did you know that Mommy and Daddy recently counted up the words that I can say, and there are over thirty of them?

Did you know that recently I have started telling my dog, who I call "Dodgdogd" to "stah" (stay) while I eat or take my bath? Daddy also taught me how to say one minute while holding up my index finger. So I say, "Whn mi" and shake my index finger at dodgdodg to let him know I'll be right back. No, I haven't given him a name yet.

I guess there is other stuff, but I thought I'd let you know about that stuff.

Love you
And thank you for your prayers.

Tahlia (helped by Mommy and Daddy)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hi all,

We really need all of your positive thoughts and prayers. Today, we took Tahlia off of her phenobarbital all together. It was very strange for us not to have to go through the morning time routine and bedtime routine of giving Tahlia her "meh" as she says.

Keep your fingers crossed and send those positive thoughts and ideas.


Muggsie, Lauren & Tahlia

Monday, May 14, 2007

Quick update

Hi there,
Just thought we'd send out a quick update since we have some news. We had an appointment with an orthotist and Tahlia's physical therapist last Tuesday and learned that Tahlia is hyper-extending her knee and rolling in so badly that if we don't stop her from doing both of those things, her leg will become deformed and her knee joint will be ruined. They are going to give her a shoe insert at first (which we'll pick up tomorrow or Wed.) and we'll try that for a month to see if that makes a difference, but the orthotist said that he doesn't think it will and feels strongly that we will need to brace her leg. The purpose of the brace will be to stop her from rolling, stop her from hyper-extending her knee and, at the same time, stop her leg from buckling forward. They feel that if we don't stop her from buckling forward, she will get frustrated and eventually stop using her leg. Unfortunately, this means that she won't be able to bend her ankle. We're not clear on what the ramifications to her calf muscle will be, so we will ask that when we pick up the insert. We worry that it could cause her calf to become under-developed. He said that she could have to wear the brace for any number of years, including her lifetime.

We are scheduled to see her pediatrician for a check-up on Friday and at that appointment we are going to ask to see a pediatric orthopedist, just to get a second opinion on the brace. Not that we don't trust the orthotist, but we figure that since he's in the business of making orthotics, we should seek another opinion before proceeding with the brace. We'll go ahead and do the insert without a second opinion, since it's not really a big deal.

We will be stopping Tahlia's dose of Phenobarbital at the end of this week, so hopefully that will go smoothly!

She's talking more and more and is 'singing' to herself, which is adorable. This morning at breakfast she heard an airplane outside and, without any prompting from us, did the sign and said 'airplane'. This afternoon in the car we saw her singing (just making one syllable sounds to a beat) and doing the hand motions to her favorite song. :-) Oh, and she was dancing this weekend too, which entails twisting at the waist and moving her arms. Cute.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Thanks for checking in!

Lauren, Muggsie & Tahila

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We skipped Spring and are now in Summer

Hello all,

Tahlia continues to amaze us as we enjoy this little bundle that we get to enjoy.

Today Tahlia saw her neurologist, Dr. Taft. The appointment began in a very unpleasant way. When Tahlia was weighed and measured, she began screaming her head off. She finally calmed down after about five minutes. Dr. Taft asked us a series of questions and then told us that he wants to take Tahlia, in the middle of May, off of phenobarbital completely. As you can probably guess, we were/are really excited about this. In addition, he stated that he believes there are no seizures coming from the affected area and that she is (and I knock on wood as I write this) is seizure free (you knock on wood too). Daddy stated that he didn't understand what Dr. Taft stated, and Dr. Taft said the same thing again. The doctor also told us that Tahlia has a heightened chance of having epilepsy in the future, but there is nothing that shows she will. We're pretty excited.

Tahlia is doing lots of new things, but we'll let you digest this information for now.

Thank you for all your prayers -- we know they are why she is doing so well. Keep her in your thoughts.


Muggsie, Lauren & Tahlia