Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First steps

Hi Everyone,

Today was a big day for Tahlia -- she took her first steps. Even while sick, she was able to step out on her own and astound both her mom and her dad.

How it happened:
It was almost 12:00pm and Tahlia was working hard with her physical therapist, Theresa. Dad was there because he stayed home sick today -- he caught Tahlia's cold. We were working on helping Tahlia practice standing by herself, and she was doing quite a good job. One time, while Dad was taping it, she stood on her own for almost 30 seconds. As the moments ticked closer to the end of her session, Theresa was helping Tahlia stand, when all of a sudden, Tahlia took three steps all on her own. Dad started laughing and shouting, Mom shouted "shut up!" You can guess what Tahlia did -- she looked around terrified at all of the people shouting and began to cry unmercifully -- Mom swept her into her arms and gave her a giant hug! Mom made the statement to Theresa that she probably gets to see a lot of baby's first steps, but that wasn't true. This was the first time that she had ever seen one of her clients first steps. We all joked that there wasn't a video tape rolling and Theresa prepared herself to leave. Mom put Tahlia on the floor, standing up, and to everyone's disbelief, Tahlia started out, again, on her own and took another three steps. Of course the shouting and crying started all over again.

Needless to say, we still have not caught it on tape, but we soon will.

We all cried a little and are so happy. Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts you send -- we know it is helping our little girl.