Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sitting Pretty

Today . . . breaking news . . . Today . . .

Mommy put Asher on his mat on the floor on his belly. She turned around to pick something up off of the piano. Remember, he was placed on his belly. When she turned back towards Asher, he was sitting.

Oh, you should know that Asher can sit by himself without anyone supporting him. Therefore, if you didn't know that, then the above information is even more dramatic. However, the most important thing you realize is that today, all by himself, he was able, not once, but twice, to move himself from his belly to his bum.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Songs from the past

We make choices as parents. I made the choice to make Mommy laugh.

Sometimes songs strike me. The sneak up on me and, suddenly, I'm singing. Usually they are songs from when I was younger, although, occasionally, I will sing a song that I have recently learned and is just stuck in my head.

The other night, the song that jumped into my head was "Parents Just Don't Understand." A fun rap song from the '80s.

Mommy had already brought Asher upstairs for bath, but I was downstairs with Tahlia as she finished up her sorbet.

As you know, Tahlia is two. This means that she repeats what she hears.

I started singing. As the only part that I know is "Ok, here's the situation, my parents went away on a weeks vacation." I just sang it over and over.

Suddenly, As I begin the part of the song I know, I hear Tahlia finish it "My parents wen away on a weeks a-ation."

Upon hearing their child sing an inappropriate rap song about kids misbehaving, many parents will wonder what they have done. Many parents would wonder how they could begin singing a Sesame Street song to rid the rap from her brain. Instead, I grabbed her, hugged her, and dashed upstairs.

I prepped Tahlia as we went up the stairs. "When you see Mommy, wait until I've said my part, then you say your part." When we arrived at the top of the stairs, she dashed ahead. She ran into Mommy and my room where Mommy was applying a diaper to a squirming child.

In the ideal world, I would have said the first part, and Tahlia would have said the second, but this is not the ideal world. Tahlia blurted out her part before I could say anything.

Instead of a hysterical laugh from Mommy, we both received a "What?"

I was able to get Tahlia to slow down and I delivered the first line and Tahlia finished up. And then, we received our hysterical laugh.

I've tried to introduce Sir Mix-alot, but Mommy frowned on it.