Friday, February 19, 2010

After the car was hit

A while ago, Mommy brought the kids to the doctor. While in the doctor's office, someone hit our car with their car in the parking lot. The mysterious hit-and-runner didn't leave any information, but we were able to get to the bottom of the problem, just by having a quick conversation with Asher.

Mommy: "Oh my God, who hit my car."

Asher: "Lady hit your car"

Asher: "No Mommy lady not do it. I did it."

Mommy: " You hit my car."

Asher: "Uhhuh."

Mommy: "Asher, what did you hit my car with?"

Asher: "Jackhammer."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Words you should know

Parents all know that words for their children change quickly. But, when raising a child, everything changes quickly.

Tahlia has always had a lot of words; one of our earliest favorites being when she would stand at the front door door shouting "Da-ba-da" as the garbage truck drove by.

And Asher definitely takes after his sister.

Here are some of the current things he says:
A bump-duck is a dump truck
A did-de-doder is a skid steer loader (or a baby scooper)

But they're not just single words.

He often attempts to hit the phone out of Mommy's hand telling her to "Get off the phone."

When Mommy's on the computer, he let's her know she needs to "put that down."

But he is also amazingly sweet. When he snuggles in close to Mommy, he often says, "Mommy's baby." This was fun, until, one day, Daddy tried to get a "Daddy's baby." I'll admit, I tried to push him to it, "Asher," I asked as I hugged him close, "Whose baby are you."

He snuggled in close and I heard a muffled, "Mommy's baby."

Ah, the things they say.

How to test for a witch

Disney has entered our house, in the form of Cinderella, and YouTube.

When the snows hit, and we were all trapped inside for days on end, except for the brief respite when we would flee outside for a few minutes for Tahlia to gobble up snow-cones made out of real snow and flavored with, well, snow and dash around tossing snowballs at Asher, who would laugh madly every time a white sphere would crash into him or at Daddy, who would scream in pain at the nearest touch of snow, we finally succumbed to Walt and his Disney magic. It started off simply, innocently, and from a book.

The kids had received Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as well as Cinderella in book form. Both children were drawn to the dwarfs and wanted to know more about this song with the "Hi" and the "Ho." So Daddy, yes, the no T.V. enforcer, had the bright idea of turning to the internet to show his kids what the dwarfs sound like. He found an adorable short where the Dwarfs hammered and picked away at a mountain that seemed to hemorrhage jewels. The Dwarfs gleefully hi hoed and hi hoed. It was only a few minutes. Then a few minutes for Snow White. Then just the first Cinderella, max ten minutes. Well, the first and the second -- probably twenty minutes and four seconds. There was an agreement about after nap and more. Until one day, the snow was too great, and the cold was to severe, and the madness had set in that the full movie, in approximately ten minute intervals was watched.

Tahlia started wondering about the movie. "Why do the mice call her Cinderelli?" "Why does she like the cat?" "Why does Gus say 'Happy Birthday'?"

But, the focus quickly settled on the ugly stepsisters, specifically, their singing in contrast to Cinderella's.

"Sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale, ah aha ah aha ahhhhh."

Now, if it is Cinderella, you can just imagine the cherubic sound created by her heavenly voice.

However, if it is one of the stepsisters, or, dare I say it, the mean stepmother, the sound is soul wrenching. For there is nothing good about those individuals in the story, even their voice.

Soon, a game arose that Cinderella would be at the door, and we would have to check to make sure it was really Cindrella.

Tahlia, of course, does a flawless rendition of both the princess, of which she is often one, and the evil trio.

But, suddenly, unexpectedly, at dinner the other night the game changed.

At the dinner table, as dishes were near empty, the game began. But, suddenly, Asher wanted to play.

"Not Not." He says as he knocks on the table.

"Who's there."

"Dindella." He says looking around.

"Cinderella, can you sing 'Sweet Nightingale' so I can make sure you're a real princess?"

And in his most beautiful voice he sings, "ring nigh-en-ale, ring nigh-en-ale, ahhhhahhhhahhhahhhah." His small little mouth expanding into the larges "O" possible.

And he is pleased when his Daddy and sister determine he sounds just like a little princess and he is allowed entry.

A competition of love

Tahlia continues to let us know how much she loves us.

Sometimes it is in a simple way.

"Mommy, do you know how much I love you? I love you more than the whole world."

Sometimes she plagiarizes.

"I love you all the way up to the moon."

But recently, she has gone further than anyone could think.

"I love you all the way to God."

Mommy would counter with, "WOW! That is a lot. Tahlia, I love you all the way to God and back."

Tahlia, of course, would have to concede.

But today, there was no competition.

"Mommy, do you know how much I love you?"

"How much Tahlia?"

"I love you more than God loves you."

A hug, "Oh Tahlia, that's a lot."

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I don't have much to say today, but I wanted to write. I was looking at the blog and realized that it has been a long time since I have written. At first, it was because of how hectic life has become. But then, after a little while, it was more because I hadn't written, and a concern over what I would say.

I'm sorry that I've lost so much time in the last year. I've seen so many amazing things occur over the last year in both my daughter and son. And here we are, just after the fourth birthday of Tahlia, and racing towards the second birthday of Asher.

So here I go. Back in. Recounting the two of them.