Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We don't have pictures, but . . .

Hey all,

We don't have pictures, but you should have seen her tonight. We haven't told anybody, but she loves Boca Burgers -- mostly because she loves mustard. She won't eat ketchup, but she gobbles down the mustard -- literally -- handfuls. It is pretty fun! Her cheeks get all pink then she asks for her drink with a really worried look on her face, like she is saying, "if I don't drink something now, my tongue is going to burn off!"

Tonight, after her mustard - ah - Boca Burger, she chowed-down on some sweet potato. We video recorded this. Daddy asked her if she wanted some "POE - TAY - TOE" to which she replied, softly, "bow-boo-boe" hee hee hee :) She repeated it later when Mommy asked her.

As you all know, she is a joy, but we have to be honest that we are also really worried right now. We reduced the phenobarbital a while ago, and things seemed to be going well. Last week, on four different occasions, we saw Tahlia have some type of weird activity. We're not sure if it wasn't just her being a little baby, but our friend, who is a dr. told us to call the neurologist. They all happened around the same time of day, and they all affected her left side. We put the call in and the neurologist isn't concerned, and we trust him . . . but we also feel a need to be vigilant on this. Any positive thoughts or prayers that you can send her way would be really welcome now.

She is also walking a bunch, but is having difficulty with her left leg. She hyper-extends it with every step. This makes her very unstable. Her PT said that that is typical in kids who have had a stroke because they can "feel" it when it is hyper-extended. We have noticed that once most kids start walking, it is all they want to do, and they progress rapidly. Tahlia has been "walking" now for three months, but still chooses to crawl often. We think she feels it is safer. Mommy and Daddy are working daily on helping her to build up the muscle in her quadriceps of her left leg as instructed by Tahlia's PT. So, send good thoughts and prayers for that too.

Love to you all, and thank you for your continued help.

Muggsie, Lauren and Tahlia

Saturday, April 14, 2007

If I had pigtails

Originally uploaded by mgm_lnm.
Here is a current picture of Tahlia! Her daddy gave her pigtails while eating.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A new year

Hello all,

So here we are, a year has past. We took this Easter Sunday slowly, remembering where we were a year ago, trying to look forward.

Exciting things are happening. Today, Daddy was feeding Tahlia breakfast when she pointed at a mirror and asked for it. Of course, her asking is some baby babble with the sign for "please." In an attempt to teach her good manners, a couple of weeks ago, Mommy taught Tahlia how to say please with sign language. Whenever Tahlia wants something now, she says please -- which is so sweet. It breaks our hearts, of course, whenever she is playing with another little child and the child has something that she wants, and Tahlia starts signing please. Well, it used to break our hearts until the speach path the other day told us that what the sign of "please" actually means to Tahlia is "Mommy or Daddy, get me that thing that I want." So now, we are supposed to get Tahlia to actually vocalize what she wants. We were a little skeptical of this, except, while the speach path was here, she heard Tahlia distinctly say shoe and outside. Of course, this leads to what happened today. After Tahlia pointed to the mirror, Daddy asked if she wanted the mirror -- Tahlia leaned forward and very distinctly said "meerwoh." She also said baby and teeth today.

This week she has also really started walking. Yesterday, she stood up by herself in the middle of the room. She is at the place where when she falls over, she will stand back up and keep walking instead of the old way of falling down and then crawling.

She does another thing that we think is really cute. Sometimes, like today, she will lie on the floor and just look around at what is going on. It is really cute!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers -- we believe that they are helping Tahlia so much.

Muggsie, Lauren, Tahlia