Saturday, March 31, 2007

The answer my friend

Hello all,

Tahlia did a couple of awesome things today. As you know, Tahlia recently learned to play the Kazoo. Today, Daddy showed her how to use a whistle, and on the first try she was able to make a sound. It is really cute when you bring the whistle up to her lips because she wants to play play it the same way she does the Kazoo, so she opens her mouth really wide as if you are going to put the whole whistle in her mouth. :)
Later, Daddy and Tahlia were playing up on the "playground." Daddy was blowing bubbles and Tahlia was watching and swatting at them. Then Daddy put the bubble blower up to her mouth, completely expecting her to put it in her mouth, as she had done many times before. Today, though, she blew out and bubbles flew! She started to laugh and so did Daddy.

Hope you all are well.

Muggsie , Lauren & Tahlia

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do you Kazoo?


Not too much new going on with the little one. She is still crazy about birds -- and now airplanes. We showed her how to do the sign for airplane a couple of days ago, and now, when ever she hears an airplane go over the house, she makes the sign. Oh, did we mention that our house is in a flight path?

Tahlia and Mommy have been spending a lot of time out on the play ground in front of the house. With the nicer weather, they are having fun getting out of the house.

Today, we have big news. Mommy has been trying to get Tahlia to use the kazoo for a while -- Mommy puts the kazoo up to her lips and makes the kazoo sound, then puts it up to Tahlia's list and makes the sound. Well, today, she played it.

Thanks for sending all of those healing vibes!

Muggsie, Lauren & Tahlia

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Suki, take it!"


Tahlia has started doing something that is really cute. When we are playing ball in a confined area with Suki, we usually make Suki stay while we throw the ball. When the ball has come to a standstill, we tell Suki to "Take it." Suki then dashes off to fetch the ball. Lately, Tahlia has enjoyed throwing the ball for Suki, which is cute in itself since Tahlia becomes startled every-time Suki dashes off. But the really cute part is that Tahlia tries to tell Suki to "take it." She can't say it, and she doesn't understand how to make a "T" sound, so, instead, she makes a sort of "t" clicking sound by putting her tongue up to the roof of her mouth and pulling it down. It is cute. Another funny aspect is that Suki doesn't understand that Tahlia has given a command, so one of us has to then command Suki to act.

All and all a good time.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

What did you say?

Hey everyone,

So things are going along. We are both watching Tahlia like a hawk for any seizure activity -- so far none. We may wake up around 4:45am tomorrow morning to check as she has had some wierd behaviors around five each day that wakes us, but we haven't really checked it out.

Something interesting lately is the number of words Tahlia has said -- or did she? ha ha. Yesterday, we went to this consignment store and Daddy was walking with Tahlia and told her to start calling out for Mommy. Low and behold, after Daddy would say "Ma ma," Tahlia would say it too! Also, now bread is more than "Br." It is now something like "brreaa" -- she says it really softly and carefully. Mommy reports that when ever Daddy is outside, Tahlia points and says, really quickly "da da." She "woofs" at almost every animal -- but mostly at dogs. She points at the door and says "ber" because she wants us to hold her so that she can look at the birds. And although unconfirmed due to non-repeat performances, these were possible:
"mon" in addition to the monkey sign
"bow" well -- yeah -- for her bow
"plethora" -- ok -- so she didn't say that, but how AWESOME would that have been!!!!

Thanks for all the positive thoughts -- they are helping.

Muggsie, Lauren & Tahlia