Thursday, August 19, 2010

What kind of man do you want to be

We were sitting on Asher's bed while at the beach in Duck, N.C. It was a new book about Jack's house and the real story behind Jack's house. You remember the original book:

"This is the house that Jack built. . ."

Anyway, we were reading the new book that actually reflects on the fact that someone else actually built the house for Jack but he got all of the credit.

Suddenly, he turned and looked up at me,
"Daddy, you're sweet."
"Thanks Asher," I replied, with a quick laugh. "You're sweet too."

And we kept reading. I was only about three words in when he turns to me again, interrupting with,
"Daddy, you're a good man."
I laugh, "Thanks Ash. You're a good boy."

And he snuggled into my arm, and we kept reading.

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Celeste said...

So glad you're writing again!